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Sciatica success!! 

Jarlath came to us in OneHealth with Sciatica in July. He was in a lot of pain, had a burning nerve pain running down his left leg for the last two years. He had gone down numerous roads of treatment to try and recover but nothing had worked. He was struggling to do daily tasks such as sleeping, he found it painful to stand while brushing his teeth, and putting on his socks was painful. A fellow physiotherapist in Sligo recommended Jarlath come to see Tommy. Tommy examined Jarlath and assured him that he could get him out of pain by following his plan. Our first goal was to be able to put on his own socks without difficulty in four weeks' time.

Jarlath was a pleasure to work with. He stuck to Tommy's treatment plan. Our first goal was a success. Next we had to get Jarlath out of pain. Tommy gave Jarlath exercises to do at home in order to build up strength and flexibility. Jarlath made huge improvements, the burning pain going down his leg was easing. By September Jarlath was completely out of pain. Life was starting to return to normal. He was getting a full night's sleep with no discomfort. He could stand without pain while brushing his teeth.

Jarlath is now travelling down the right road and has gone to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a deep sea diver in Mexico. He can do so pain free and enjoy all the experiences of Mexico knowing that burning pain in his leg is now completely gone.

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