Pregnancy Wellness Online

Is a programme designed to look after you during your pregnancy. It is what you need to feel safe, strong and supported throughout your pregnancy from the expert guidance of the OneHEALTH Team. 

Now more than ever it is so important for you and your growing baby to Stay Active, Move Safely and Be Healthy during your pregnancy. Join Natalie and Sherry and the OneHEALTH Team for prenatal pilates and yoga, nutrition and physiotherapy advice inside our Pregnancy Wellness Programme.

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Why This Pregnancy Wellness Programme is Different Than Any Other Membership Out There

Because not only do we have the very best skilled practitioners in yoga and pilates, we also have cutting edge state of the art physiotherapy concepts in our practice so that you can move the safest and most efficient way possible which is unlike any of the pregnancy memberships out there.

We ensure you are working out safely, exercising the most important muscle groups to allow to grow your baby and help avoid common issues that sometimes arise during pregnancy.

During these uncertain times this programme is designed for you to access your workouts ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, this allows you to work out safely from the comforts of your own home. 

You will be supported throughout your pregnancy with weekly pilates and yoga workouts and guidance from the OneHEALTH Team. That will...

Keep you strong and fit to allow your baby to grow.

Avoid common symptoms like PGP and sciatica

Give you more energy and keep you feeling good

Teach you mindfulness and breathing for relaxation.

Improve and maintain you pelvic floor.

Prepare you and your body for delivery and postpartum recovery.


Heres whats to expect:

  • Prenatal Pilates workouts
  • Prenatal Yoga Flows
  • Private login to your workout library
  • Support and Advice

Monthly Wellness Online

only €29 per month.

What to expect?

  • Prenatal Pilates workouts
  • Prenatal Yoga Flows
  • Private login to your workout library
  • Support and Advice

All of this for only €29...This is a no strings attached subscription, cancel anytime no questions asked. 

Enrol now for just €29 a month

Wait... that's not all!

Some amazing Bonuses are included just for you

  • Bonus Pilates and Yoga Workouts
  • Private login to your workout library
  • Physiotherapy Advice & Exercises
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Recipes
  • Stress & Anxiety Management Tips
  • Support and Advice
  • Priority Booking in our Physiotherapy and Nutrition Clinic both in person and online

Orla one of our Founding Members and a new Mum to be.

I loved going into the studio for the reformer classes pre-coronavirus! So when Covid first hit, I joined the Founding Member online programme and found it brilliant. So easy to follow along from home, great for the mind too - it really helped me switch off from work mode, and added some routine to my day/week.
I then switched to the Pregnancy Wellness programme at the end of last year when I found out we were expecting. Being able to continue to do it from home and not need to go into a class setting was great, and I knew I was in safe hands with the ONEHealth instructors.  
I’ve struggled with neck and back problems, before and during pregnancy, and Pilates has been the only thing that’s helped manage those issues. It’s also great value for all the classes and resources you get!

Cancel anytime Guarantee... no questions asked!

So if you realise this is not for you, you can cancel it at ANYTIME with no charges or minimum sign ups.

Here's what some our mums to be say about our

Pregnancy Wellness Online.

Brenda - First time Mum to be

Really great course - I felt the benefit straight away giving me immediate relief from any aches or pains I was experiencing! I found the course particularly helpful during the current lockdown restrictions; whereby attending classes in person was not possible. The videos were easy to follow and the fact that you can access them at your own time allowed more flexibility around working life! This course gave me peace of mind that I was exercising in a safe way for myself and baby! 

Sarah's Experience

Sarah is a new mum to identical twin girls and first joined us in the reformer studio during her first pregnancy in 2018. But during her most recent pregnancy and for like so many of you she had to move online as in person classes were deemed to be unsafe during pregnancy.  Sarah suffered from PGP early on in her pregnancy as she was expecting identical twin girls, she got some physiotherapy and advice from Lead Physiotherapist Tommy and continued with her regular pilates and yoga to ensure she avoided anymore PGP discomfort as her babies grew.


What stage of pregnancy is this suitable for?

It is recommended that from 12 weeks on you should do specific prenatal pilates and yoga classes. It is safe to continue right through as long as it feels good for you and your doctor gives you no reason otherwise. 

When and where do I do the workouts?

The great thing about this programme is that it is on demand. You get your own private login and you can access your workouts at anytime and anywhere you wish. All you need is your phone, Ipad or desktop and login.

How long are the workouts? 

All of the workouts are between 20-25 minutes long, so it doesn't take too much out of your day. It could even be done during your lunch break!?

Do I need any equipment?

No, all you need is a space and a device to login to your workouts.

How much is it? And can I cancel it?

It is a monthly rolling membership of €29 per month for all 8 of your workouts. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, with no questions asked. 

What if I don't get to do them?

Don't worry they will still be there for you in your library and if you don't feel up to it one week you can jump right back in where you left off and continue on.

Will I be able to do it even if I have never done pilates or yoga before?

Yes of course! The workouts are created specifically for you and your growing baby. In all of them there are regressions and progressions so you can add more challenge into them or adjust them to make them a little easier.

I am suffering with PGP, will this help me?

Yes it will, it can really help. Not only help but it will often prevent pelvic pain and sciatica. And if it doesn't resolve, reach out to us and our Physiotherapy Team will give you some advice. 

Prenatal Pilates

Natalie will ensure you workout safely during your pregnancy. A Mum to Molly and currently expecting baby number 2, she understands the importance of keeping strong and fit during pregnancy allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy Health

Tommy is a Chartered Physiotherapist at OneHEALTH and is an expert in treating common issues that affect some women during pregnancy. Tommy will guide you through exercises to help you avoid common issues and to stay healthy.

Prenatal Yoga

Sherry guides you through mindful movement practice. Yoga will help you increase flexibility and mobility and improve stamina. You learn how to become centred and mindful, which will help in the preparation for the birth of your baby.