Why you can’t get rid of your tennis elbow pain?

elbow Dec 08, 2021

Why you can’t get rid of your tennis elbow pain? 

Stephen Clarke Rehabilitation specialist at OneHEALTH

Struggling with pain at your elbow or on the outside of your forearm? Sometimes you feel it going down your arm into your hand? Is it most painful when playing tennis or any racket sport? Or do you just struggle to open jars? Struggle to hold or grip objects? Feel your grip has weakened? 

If you have any of the symptoms listed above more than likely have tennis elbow. It is primarily known as a repetitive strain or overuse injury. This is when simple daily repetitive tasks are done a lot and cause pain, for example using a mouse on your laptop. These daily tasks listed above not only use the elbow, they are a coordination of movement between three different joints, the shoulder, elbow and hand. Each joint should take some strain during these activities but an overuse injury occurs when one of the three doesn’t do its job and causes pain in a joint. 


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Tennis Elbow - It's more than an elbow problem!

elbow tennis elbow Mar 30, 2021

Tennis Elbow - It's more than an elbow problem! 

It’s a spine problem

Tommy Conway - Chartered Physiotherapist and Director - OneHEALTH

 Are you feeling pain on the outer side of your elbow? Shooting pain while gripping? Are you now unable to lift the kettle? Or even unscrew a jar? Do you use your computer on a daily basis? Does your job include repetitive use of your hands? Have you ignored this issue? Felt your grip slowly getting weaker but put in on the long finger? If you ask me what one condition I wouldn’t put on the long finger it is pain on the outside of my elbow “Tennis elbow”. It becomes so painful that you will not be able to grip at all, even zipping up your jacket will seem impossible, I’ve seen it. 

You are born with a strong grip, it’s one of the key markers of a healthy spine. Proud grandparents, parents brag about a newborn “they have the strongest grip”, mine did too when my daughter Molly was...

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