Frozen Shoulder: Do I need a steroid injection?

ribcage shoulder Oct 17, 2021

Frozen Shoulder: Do I need a steroid injection? 

Tommy Conway, Chartered Physiotherapist and Director at OneHEALTH, Physiotherapy Clinic Tullamore.

Are you struggling to lie on your shoulder at night? Struggling to reach back for the seat belt? Struggling to reach overhead? Have you noticed you are starting to lose movement in your arm? Has it slowly gotten worse and worse? Have you been told you have a frozen shoulder and more importantly have you been told you need a steroid injection. I am writing this article not to discredit a steroid injection but through my clinical experience people simply get the steroid injection at the wrong time. Also, the most common question that is asked is why? Why has this happened to me? And why now? There are certain arguments to how a frozen shoulder can happen, for example not doing enough overhead activities but I have seen clients with frozen shoulders who’s professions are reaching overhead, Painters and plasterers. Another...

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