Growing pains - One foot shorter than the other.

Growing pains - One foot shorter than the other. 

Let me tell you a story. 

There was a 12 year old boy called John, who started to develop pain in his right knee and foot. The young boy was a sport nut, a fanatic, he played hurling, football, soccer, tennis, darts, golf, you name it, he played it. The pain got worse and he was told to rest for a few months, “growing pains”. It wasn't an easy time for John but also for John’s mother as he was very annoyed that he couldn’t play any sport.  Sometimes when he broke loose and ran riot he would come running back to his mammy in floods of tears, the pain. This broke his mothers heart for two reasons, one to see her son so frustrated with nothing to do and secondly to see him in pain. 

They rested for 3 months but very little changed, John was stuck and suffering. They made the decision to get his feet checked. He was told he had “one foot shorter than the other”, his right foot was...

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