Total Knee Replacement: What you need to do to get better!

knee knee replacement Mar 07, 2022

Are you pencilled in for a total knee replacement? Or have you just recently got it done? Have you had knee surgery and been told you will need a total knee replacement in the future? Are you just sitting there and waiting for your knee to get sorer and then get the op? I am not going to tell you that you might not need a total knee replacement but I am going to tell you that if anyone says you don’t need physiotherapy after, they are wrong. For some reason you might hear along your travels “I don’t believe in physio” or “you won’t need physio after your operation”. You most certainly will and lots of it. Why? Well, first off, do you know what actually happens in the operation? 


A total knee replacement is needed when the surfaces of your femur and tibia (See attached picture) are damaged and need to be replaced. This is done by: 

  1. Cutting the quadricep tendon so the kneecap can be assessed. 
  2. Sliding your kneecap to one...
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